Sunday, May 8, 2011


Referring to last post... slowly i did bought a few things in the list... it started with the deep freezer. The reason, is because my 2 doors refrigerator freezer is almost full with my EBM, until my DH ice-cream that he bought i need to throw it out sebab tak cukup tempat.
So he suggested for me to get the deep freezer... wah,.. what a suggestion! of course i will like it... so we start surveying price.. n finally i get a brand new DF, Japan Model... with 110L capacity.. n it is a chest freezer. At the beginning it didn't work well.. After 3 days the water in the DF still maintain as water... So ask the retailer to change a new model n it works perfect. We bought it for RM500 with transportation cost... sangat menarik.
[this happen on Monday,2nd of May]

Then the coming Wednesday... my spec pulak buat hal. Sedih betul.. it broke in the middle. Luckily i can still repair it with glue of course, tapi tak tahan lama.. so hari tu jugak tempah spec baru. But already from my pregnancy time, i planned to buy a spec with transition.. hah.. well the price will be very costly. But once in a while [i bukan buat spec every year], so i did tempah a brand new spec with transition of course, dan memula kena bebel ngan DH.. but then dah bayar so pakai jelah... Yeay..! i got new spec with transition...

An also my budget for month of May dah melayang jauh dari yg sepatutnyer.... adoyai!

[So 2 from 4 item that i listed before i laready got it]... lagi 2... nantilah dulu...
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